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From the desk of Scott Carson
Austin, TX

Dear Friend,

In my new book I’m going to hand you a secret strategy for making money
in real estate 
at steep discounts.  This is a strategy that 99% of people aren't using. 
And Yes, I Want to Send You This Book to Get You Started for Nothin'!
But before I continue I want to make perfectly clear that while these skills I reveal are immensely powerful, they only work if you take action.

There is no magic pill to becoming a real estate superstar – but now you have my blueprint.

That’s right.

When you reserve your copy of my FREE Book you’ll have the guide that walks you through exactly how I took my investing hobby from an idea and maxed out credit card to closing over 1,000 real estate deals every year.

I’m not alone.

Over the last few years we’ve shared these secrets with hundreds of real estate professionals, consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Combined, of those who have reported their results generated…
A Conservative Estimate of $50,000,000
In Real Estate Deals Closed!
And it’s easily millions more.

These are real homes that add value to residential markets. And if you have a mission this book can help you spread your message and help you profit.

With the release of my new book titled, ‘How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off: Break Into The Secret World of Note Investing’ I’m able to live out my mission to transform lives and help other people like you see the benefits of this amazing real estate niche that’s created financial freedom for me and many of my tribe.

That’s why I want to get this book into your hands as my gift to you.

If you’re…
Familiar with any type of real estate investing: buy-and-hold, fix-and-flip,
landlording, Airbnb 
Interested in making money "on the side"
Looking for greater returns than your current investments…?
Wanting to break out and become a real estate superstar…
...Then this book will give you the guide you need to transform your income and your life.
That’s because I reveal to you my hard-won strategies for buying real estate at steep discounts.
Imagine if you had the ability to find any property nationwide, and know if you could make a huge return on it without ever leaving your desk…
Picture yourself with more deals, more income, and more freedom…
Just feel the feeling of confidence knowing you can create income on demand for you and your family…
What would you do with your newfound source of steady, passive income?
Upgrade your lifestyle: dine at fine restaurants, drive a nicer car, revamp your wardrobe, or upgrade to your dream home?
Enjoy more free time: Have fun with family and friends celebrating life with the people you love…
Eliminate debt: Erase credit cards, pay off your car payments, reduce or eliminate your mortgage…
Save More: Pad your nest egg, pay for your kids' education, give more to charity…
Live life on your own terms: Travel, vacation, take mini-retirements, or just spend everyday on your own schedule living the life of freedom…
With these skills in your arsenal you write all the rules.

You are in total control.
Let Me Explain What This Is All About!
Here’s what you can expect when you request your FREE copy of my new book, "How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off:  Break Into The Secret World of Note Investing."

This book is a radical change from any other book or program you may have heard on the subject of real estate. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the area of real estate.

In its pages you’ll discover how to find, fund, and flip 'notes'. But you won’t be restricted to one-by-one opportunities. You’ll be picking up real estate by the handful.

This book is about buying note bundles of any size… one single gem, to hundreds or thousands at once! And how to do it without fear, effectively and quickly…
All While Being Seen as the Authority and Hero!
In fact, you’ll be asked to invest other people's money. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. And you’ll have the credibility and trust from the moment you are introduced to a new investor… no matter how big or small.

Everything you’ll discover is taken from my direct experience personally closing over 2000 note deals.

Imagine having the power of your most effective investment strategy… amplified… giving you even more opportunities for better deals and higher profits.
Just A Word of Warning:
The system described in this book must only be used for good. This is a powerful real estate niche that creates an invisible force that drops the resistance to acquiring real estate before anyone else even has a chance to get it.  

I believe if you can purchase real estate that delivers truly high returns to yourself and your investors then you should do everything in your power to do it.

As an active investor it’s your job to find opportunities that have a great rate of return. This is so you receive maximum benefit from your investment to make a positive difference in you and your family's lives.

However, the strategies of note buying and selling I’ve outlined for you can also be used to force honest, hard working people out of their homes. That is not our intention.

All I ask when you request your FREE copy is you vow to only use these powerful tools for good.
Here’s a Look Inside…
… We’ll explore the easiest way to buy real estate at steep discounts! This is NOT what other books or courses teach on the subject.

… How to be invited to invest other people's money and be welcomed with open arms! (As an active investor you’ll be seen as an authority and even a rock-star, mini-celebrity.)

… In chapter 1 I reveal the huge potential of note investing that exists in the housing market today – and how anyone can get "in" even if you don't have cash to invest or you’re terrified of real estate.

… How to defeat the fear of taking control of your investments, and how to select smart opportunities that yield good returns your first time out.

… On page 6 I give you the 3-part process that creates good notes every time without fail.

…In chapter 3 I break down the basic blueprint for finding the perfect note deal.

… Identifying immediate potential with any property within the first minutes of evaluation.

… Deal flow control, creating momentum, expanding exit strategies, and positioning yourself for deal closing success.

… Beginning on page 36 you’ll discover a series of proven methods that when used properly put yourself in position to acquire prime real estate.

… Why the note-side of real estate matters and how to master notes for driving profits.

… How to find irresistible offers your investors can’t refuse (Think Godfather). That’s in Chapter 7.

… Why giving away your best notes for free could be your most effective networking tool (I’ll talk more about this in a minute).

… The Art Of Flipping… and why “Exit Strategy” matters.

… Page 43, the one reality that locks in your opportunity to buy notes like an iron cage.

And that’s just the start!
But I’m sure you’re asking…
Why Am I Doing This?

Actually two reasons.


This book is hitting the public market very soon and I want real feedback. I ask if you feel it’s worthy that you send me your thoughts and feedback before it hits store shelves and online retailers.


I want to build a relationship with you.

Remember earlier I mentioned the concept of giving your best stuff away for free?

It’s called Reciprocity.

It’s my hope that you get enough value that when you’re ready you’ll look to me and my company to help you achieve your goals in investing and notes in the future!

I’m putting my best foot forward so you can “test me out” and see I’m here to give you my all.

So there it is. No catch. Just value.

I do have to warn you…
BONUS: Video Interview with Scott
I was interviewed recently in Austin by an active real estate investor - Stephen Epstein - about the techniques I use to close my note deals.

In this interview, I talk about how to quickly move potential deals from banks to my hands, and evaluate the deals to narrow down on the best ones.

These strategies have led to thousands of note deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

And it's not just me.  I'm able to hand these strategies off to my team members to create a duplicable note buying process.

I'd like to show you these strategies as my gift for you to make them your own rock solid note buying system when you take action and reserve your copy of my book today.
Get Your Copy of My New Book
"How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off"
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I’m sending you my book. It’s a $29.95 value in store, but I’m sending it to you for free.  And I’ll also send you the powerful “Interview with Scott” bonus. Don't wait!  You need to act now and…
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It doesn’t get any more fair than that right!

So do it now…

Reserve your copy of "How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off".

And I’ll also send you my “Interview with Scott” webinar.

Remember, time is of the essence. Those who wait to take action typically miss the boat.

I wish you all the success you deserve!

Scott Carson

P.S. To recap… I’m sending you a copy of my new book, "How to Buy Real Estate for 40% Off" PLUS, my bonus “Interview with Scott” webinar.

In this book I reveal the secrets to get better returns, in less time, with more control, at higher profit by investing in notes vs. any other real estate investment option.

I’m sending you this book FOR FREE…

There’s no catch, all I ask is that you send me a review on your thoughts on what it’s worth.

Just remember, those who take action tend to come out on top!