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Scott Carson
Note Buying Blueprint

Learn the secrets of Note Investing directly from Scott Carson, who has closed over 1,000 note deals,   Find out how to buy real estate assets for PENNIES on the DOLLAR.  Whether you want to use your IRA, your own savings, or other people's money (OPM), Scott will show you EXACTLY what resources he uses to find, close, and profit.  He walks you through his system step-by-step.

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Note Buying Blueprint

The Most Comprehensive Note Investment Training EVER! 

Module #1 Introduction to Note Buying

The Market: PAST

The Market: PRESENT

The Market: FUTURE

The Southwest

The Midwest

The Southeast

The Northeast

The Northwest

The West

Summary of Good Note Buying States

A Proven Business Plan for Doing 20 Deals in 12 Months to Make 6-Figures

Module #2 Finding Notes

The 9 Different Places to Look to Find Notes to Buy

MLS & Realtors

County Clerk & Recorder

Foreclosure List Service

Distressed Assets & Short Sales

Finding: Calling Banks - Laneguide

Finding: Calling Banks -

Finding: Calling Banks - LinkedIN

Finding: Calling Banks -

Online Resources

Online Resources to Use in Your Due Diligence

Your Scripts & What to Say and What NOT to Say

Short Evaluation Checklist

Long Evaluation Checklist

Module #3 Getting Your Deals Funded

Social Media Websites/Groups for Crowdfunding

How to Raise Money from Family & Friends and People Who Trust You

3 Sample Deals Showing What to Expect When Investing in Notes for Investors

How to Set Up Your IRA to Buy Real Estate

Our Proven System to Find IRA Investors Who are Itching to Do Deals

Module #4 Exit Strategies - How to Profit From Selling Notes

The 9 Exit Strategies and How to Use Each One

#1 Wholesaling

#2 Reinstatement

#3 Modification

#4 Loan Assumption

#5 Short Sale

#6 Deed In Lieu

#7 Foreclosure

#8 Selling The Note

#9 Reperforming Note Sale

Bonus Strategy: Self-Refinance

Bonus Strategy #2: Contract for Deeds


Building Your Team of Experts & Vendors

How to JV with Scott Carson & WCN

How to Enter the BIG LEAGUES

How to Tap Into "Free Government Money" Programs Which Will Pay You to Work With Your Borrowers

Bonus Module #1:  30 Day Note Training Series  ($199 Value)


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15

Day 16

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Thank You

Bonus Module #2:  30 Day Private Money Training Series  ($599 Value)

Day 1 - What's Your Score Board Say

Day 2 - Private Money Formula

Day 3 - Break the Ice

Day 4 - Unfinished Bridges

Day 5 - Tell a Story

Day 6 - Cart Before Horse

Day 7 - Dealing Deals

Day 8 - Email Follow Up

Day 9 - JV Deals

Day 10 - Investor Profiles

Day 11 - Pledge Letters

Day 12 - Private Lending Presentation

Day 13 - Sample Deals

Day 14 - Self Directed IRA Investors Part I

Day 15 - Self Directed IRA Investors Part II

Day 16 - Sample Letter

Day 17 - Start a Group

Day 18 - LinkedIN Connections

Day 19 - Expand Your Web

Day 20 - Pool Raising

Day 21 - Expand Your Money Tribe

Day 22 - Push Yourself

Day 23 - Hit The CEOs

Day 24 - IRA Handbook

Day 25 - Start a Blog

Day 26 - Say Yes

Day 27 - Accredited Investors

Day 28 - Advertising for Investors

Day 29 - To Fund Or Not To Fund

Day 30 - Preferred Returns

Day 31 - Regulation A+

Bonus Module #3:  Special Servicing with Joel Markovitz  ($499 Value)

Who is Joel Markovitz & What is Special Servicing

3 Biggest Mistakes Note Investors Make

Congrats, You Bought A Note

Loss Mitigation Lone Wolf or Team Effort

What Servicers & Loss Mitigation Vendors Do; Your Servicers System

Service Transfer, What It Is and What Takes Place

First and Second Servicing

QRPC One Call Solution

No RPC and Skipt Tracing with Traditional and New Age Options

Borrower Outreach Do's and Don'ts

Borrower Outreach; Listen, Negotiate, Assess, and Act

Converting Notes into Cash

Assessing Assets and Exits

Field Visits

Retention Exits: Reinstatement & Forbearance

Retention Exits: Modifications

Retention Exits: Hardest Hit Funds

Retention Exits: Refinancing

Liquidation Exits: Short Sales on First Mortgages

Liquidation Exits: Short Sales on Second Mortgages

Liquidation Exits: DIL CFK DFL

Liquidation Exits: Negotiated Settlements and Deal Structure

Liquidation Exits: Judicial vs. Non Judicial

Liquidation Exits: Using Foreclosure to Get Closure

Bankruptcy Firsts vs Seconds

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Bankruptcy Chapter 7

Averages Work Out

Tax Liens

Tax Sales

Managing My Vendors

Collateral Custodians

Compliance CFPB

Compliance FDCPA

Compliance RESPA

Wrap Up and Thank You

Bonus Module #4:  Curated Content from Scott

Using Meetups to Expand Your Network and Deal Flow

Success Is Just a Door Knock Away!

The Magnificent Seven Vendors

30/30 Club

Break the Bank

Due Diligence Done Right

Due Diligence & Breaking Down Assets

Buying and Selling Owner Financed Notes

Protecting Your ASSets

10 Deals

Breaking Down A Tape

Brecht Palombo & Distressedpro

The Note Depot

Secret Sauce

The Pareto Principle

Structuring Your JV Deals

Protecting Your Assets

What Do I Do Now? Servicing Call with Joel Markovitz

Reaching Out To Asset Managers

Vetting Your Investors & Buyers

The Monday Note - Note Trek Part 1 of 6 - Due Diligence

Note Trek Part 2 - Attract a Galaxy of New Investors

Note Trek Part 4 - What Exit Strategy Is Your "Alien" Borrower?

Note Trek Part 5 - The Marketing Frontier

Note Trek Part 6 - The Undiscovered Country

Note Civil War

REI Black Book

How Crowdfunding Can Help You

Weaponize Your Business Credit

50 Ways to Market Your Business

Building Your Database

Limited Time Bonus  ($599 Value)

30 Day Note Training Series (30 videos, $199 value)

30 Day Note Marketing Training (30 modules, $399 value)

30 Day Private Money Training (30 videos, $599 value)

FREE ticket to a Virtual 3-Day Note Buying Workshop ($599 value)

12 months of Phone Support from the We Close Notes Team (normally $250/month, $3,000 value!)

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